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Taking over the reigns from their father Gerry, their duo dynamics make the perfect combination for the scrap metal industry. Ryan & Matt have been working at Busby’s since little fella’s alongside their Dad, contributing to their long history of scrap metal knowledge.
Ryan Duggan

Ryan Duggan

Ryan has worked alongside his Dad for most of his working life and joined Gerry as a partner in 2013. Ryan has a strong passion for the scrap metal industry and others would say it is in his blood! Ryan’s loyalty and commitment to his customers have always been a contributing factor to his successes within Busby’s Recycling. He has an energetic outlook and doesn’t take life too seriously (except for Busby’s) to successfully take Busby’s to greater lengths. Ryan is very competitive like his brother which enables their drive as a team to grow Busby’s within such a competitive industry. In his spare time, he loves his footy, basketball, boxing and well basically anything to do with sport!
Matt Duggan

Matt Duggan

Matt joined Ryan as Co-Director in 2018 as came Gerry’s retirement. Prior to this Matt completed an Electrical Apprenticeship and then took on a strong role within a local High School mentoring students with his football talents whilst helping with their grades. Although he had a period away from Busby’s Recycling his roots had him back where he started. Like Ryan, Matt has been apart of Busby’s his whole life but now also brings such a strong knowledge of the electrical industry that makes up many of the grades of material in which we recycle. Matt’s love of competitive sport from a young age led to his passion for Rugby League and has achieved TRL Player of the Year twice in recent years.
Family has very much been an important aspect of Busby’s Recycling, having families of their own they prioritise and ensure a healthy work-life balance. Coming from a big family the boys grew up in Toowoomba and like their family, friendships are just as important. Having a strong network of friends and business relationships, Ryan and Matt enjoy contributing to our local community. Regularly supporting local events, sponsoring sporting teams and regularly donating to many great causes.

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Matt - 0424 920 467

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