Car Scrap Yard
In Toowoomba

Car Scrapping to money
Busby’s Recycling are leaders in the scrapping of cars in the Toowoomba Region and will pay top dollar for your car. We offer cash for your unwanted cars, utes, trucks, 4x4 and will buy any makes and models.

Great Deals Await you

We specialise in car scrapping and our team can offer an easy, reliable and quick pickup service within Toowoomba and surrounds. In most cases we will give you cash on the spot prior to loading your scrap car on the truck. Each scrap car is worth a different value depending on how complete the car is and extras that may be on the car such as mag wheels, catalytic converter or alloy tray to name a few.
Car Scrapping to money
If the scrap car is delivered to our yard the more cash you will receive.

Give us a call for any further information you need in regards to your car that you would like to scrap.

0414 714 101 | 0424 920 467
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