Busby's Scrap Metal & Battery Recycling Update

Busby's Scrap Metal & Battery Recycling Update


Scrap metal & battery prices are at the HIGHEST price they have been in the last 12 months with brass & copper at their absolute pinnacle!

With how good the prices are at the moment we are expecting the battery prices to drop by the end of the month so PLEASE get into Busby's Recycling to get the price you deserve.

Due to one of our trucks having a little bingle in recent months (don't worry it was not our fault and Gezza is swelling) it has been off the road to have a break. We gladly welcome this little guy back to the fleet this Wednesday. We have been very run off our feet being a truck down so this will very much alleviate some pressure.

If you can manage to bring your large or heavy load into our yard at 1 Barrabool Court, Toowoomba we more than likely can pay you a better price otherwise give us a call and we will most likely come to you! Don't forget Busby's Scrap Metal is Toowoomba's favourite scrap metal yard, we look after our customers and pay the BEST prices. We will gladly take your piles of scrap and turn it into your junk money!